ICYOU develops products to engage users globally 24 hours per day. We have so far shipped two mobile IP’s – Powershot Challenge and Striker Challenge.


Powershot Challenge

Play against other players to compete for exclusive prizes from your favourite team. The gameplay is simple to understand but you need to focus. Complete your five game rounds with the highest possible score to qualify and take a step closer to winning. Powershot engages players with fans using characteristic and fun art style where the players are presented in a playful way. The game holds specific elements original to each team, such as stadium in the background, team kit and even background supporter songs being sang as you login to play.




Striker Challenge

The second game developed by ICYOU. Game play is using the gyro on your mobile device making you to both steer and use timing precision to collect enough power before a one-on-one attempt with the opponents goal keeper. Done right and you will score! Each round will give you points, the more accurate carried out the higher score and the more likely you are to win the fantastic prizes offered.