Moving towards game launch!

Here you can see a CEO video update explaining more what has been going of since December. The video is in Swedish. (scroll down). A summary in English is presented here:

  • We have now done a second campaign during January. First one was in October. Results indicating healthy user acquisition costs.
  • Development of the new game has been the main activity and we are thrilled to now take in real players to test performance and plan for next steps.
  • Focus on optimization and preparing for launch. Target date is early April and clubs joining are Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham.
  • Visited clubs in mid February and all of the three mentioned will continue on a new contract period. High trust and believe in our products.
  • The team has grown a little bit and we have brought in a full time business and product analyst consultant. This is making us much faster and we can invest in planing ahead while remaining focused on current game release.
  • We will increase the information frequency as we are moving in to a period of much more things happening.