• “We lead digital change in the sports industry while engaging millions of fans globally on mobile device!”

  • “In 2020, mobile gaming will represent just more than half of the total games market with a market value exceeding $60 billion.”

    Newzoo Insigts

ICYOU partners with high profile football clubs helping them to monetise on their fan base by delivering high value entertainment and strengthening their brand online. We are leading the digital transformation within the sports industry.

Only within football there are billion of fans globally. Football fans have different lifestyles and preferences but share a strong passion for the sport and a team. We help football clubs reach their fans though mobile distribution channels where we engage them in playing games and winning club exclusive prizes. We are pioneers when creating a fan-driven e-sport channel for our partners.

We are the Interactive Business Specialists of today, helping you wake up to the brightest tomorrow!

Here at ICYOU, we help companies monetize their audience within digital channels. We deliver entertainment and make it possible to publish information so fans can engage in their team whenever they want, wherever they are. By harnessing the power of your fans and combine that with our mobile solutions, we offer a complete solution to tap into growing digital revenue streams while building a huge data set where knowledge of users will create new business opportunities.

New Striker Challenge!

During Q1 2018 we have finalized and launched our latest game, Striker Challenge. This is a skinable mobile game focusing on engaging clubs fans base.


Read more about the game and our partners offering this amazingly smart and easy-to-play game offering great prizes to win.

Mobile market growing

The gaming market continues to grow. Estimates show that mobile gaming is today at >$46 billion forecasting the market to hit >64 billions in 2020. China will take marketshares and at 2020 hold almost 1/3 of the market!